Junior/Senior Kindergarten children learn through creative play, social interaction and academic preparation. children have the option to be enrolled full time in our Junior/Senior Kindergarten program. From an academic perspective, a child enrolled in our Senior Kindergarten program will be fully prepared for entry to the school system at the prep level.


Some of the benefits of this program are:

  • A seamless day providing increased consistency for your child
  • Individualized program and educational curriculum
  • Naps if your child still needs them
  • Lunch and snacks provided
  • Longer hours available (no additional before and after school care required)
  • Supervised playground (at all times)
  • Literacy & numeracy program
  • Social Skills Program


Room Structure:


Our Kindergarten Program runs from 9:30Am-3Pm daily. Children in our Kindergarten program will combine with others room between the hours of 7:00am-8am and 4pm-6pm.

Early childhood qualified teachers deliver the kinder program for children ages 3,4 & 5 years.


Room Schedule:

In keeping with our emergent curriculum philosophy, we have a flexible, play based schedule that will reflect the children’s interests, abilities and needs. We provide times for quiet and busy play, sleep/rest time, outdoor and indoor activities, and structured and free play times. We do many small group activities. Please see the schedule that is posted on our parent information board.


Meals and Snacks:

We provide a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack and a hot lunch daily. Menus are posted on our parent information board, prepared fresh meals and snacks daily.


Rest time/Sleep time:

Children in our Kindergarten Program will have one hour of “quiet time” each day. Children have the opportunity to have a nap in our pre-school room if they need one.


The Program:

We plan developmentally appropriate learning opportunities that focus on all areas of development. We base all learning opportunities on each individual child’s interests, abilities and needs.


Areas of learning:
  • Literacy (both whole language and phonics)kinder_4
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Dramatic Play
  • Social Skills, including conflict resolution
  • Science and Discovery
  • Creative Arts,computer learning.
  • Music and Movement
  • Clay and Dough
  • Sensory Exploration
  • Blocks
  • Environmental Studies including organic gardening


All children are also involved in a curriculum that promotes social, emotional, and academic competence in children that helps

  • Increase children’s social skills
  • Increase children’s understanding of feelings
  • Increase children’s conflict management skills and decrease negative attributions
  • Increase academic engagement, school readiness, and cooperation with teachers. Kindergarten – Standard Sessions & Extended Care.


Should you choose to enrol your Kinder Kid in the formal structure of Kindergarten, there is no need to transfer out of the Boulevard for kinder activities. We provide Accredited Kindergarten Programs for 3 and 4 year olds.


We offer the added convenience and security of extended kinder hours for the working family. 


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