Things to know


Early childhood education is a partnership between families and Boulevard Early Learning Centre. Our Centre aims to be an extension of your home providing a clean, caring and safe environment, where each child feels secure while their parents are busy.

You are welcome to come in or telephone at any time to enquire about your child.


Click on ONLINE APPLICATION then Click on APPLY ,  choose   “Parent registration” you need  register first  with your valid  Email address  by typing first letter  B  or Post code 3150 and then choose “The Boulevard Early Learning Centre” in drop down list  and follow the instruction.


Nutritious and healthy food is provided for your child, freshly cooked food prepared daily that even fussy children enjoy.

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea  are provided. Please advise the Centre of any special dietary requirements and allergies.

Parents are asked to supply labelled bottles of pre-mixed formula for their babies or provide milk in bottles.

Parents provide nappies and wipes for children in nappies.



Please dress your child in comfortable clothes suitable for playing.babies6

Each child needs a bag with a complete change of clothes. When toilet training, extra underwear is needed and parents must provide all nappies.

We are a Sun Smart Centre. A labelled hat, drink bottle and SPF 30 Sunscreen must be provided and in Winter a coat and beanie is required.



Your child can only be collected by their parents/guardian or those listed on enrolment form authorised by you. Unless you give written authorisation beforehand, unauthorised people will not be allowed to collect children.



If your child is unwell in the morning, please telephone the centre. Children should not attend with infections or unwell. If you child becomes ill during the day, you will be contacted immediately. If the situation is serious and you cannot be contacted, your child will be transported to hospital by ambulance at your expense.

If your child requires medication during the day, the details need to be entered in the medication book with the assistance of a staff member. The medication must be given to a staff member and never left in a child’s bag. All medicine must have the child’s correct name and dosage on it. Medication will be given strictly as per parent’s instruction at parent’s responsibility.



babies7(see fee policy for full details)

Fees are paid weekly on Monday and receipts are issued on the next day.

Fees are due even if your child does not attend on a booked day.

Part-time children MAY be offered an extra day if a vacancy is available.

There are 40 absences inclusive of public holidays allowed for families receiving Childcare Assistance. Fees are payable for absences and public holidays if you are booked for that day.

Families with four or more weeks outstanding fees will have their place in the centre reviewed.

CHILDCARE BENEFIT is available to most families through Centrelink (FAO). Most parents are also eligible for 50% rebate for gap fee payable. See our resources page and follow the link.



Staff and parents work together to provide the best possible care for each child. Please discuss your care needs with us. All suggestions for improvement are welcome. Discussion with the staff and management about your child will ensure the best possible care.



Boulevard Early Learning Centre is privately owned and operated by Tara and Sudhir. Boulevard Early Learning Centre is assessed as Meeting Standards by ACECQA. Please refer to the ACECQA Website for more information. We are committed to a continuous process of quality improvement.



  • Enrolment forms completed and left at centre before starting carekinder1
  • Have you told staff about special individual characteristics and needs for your child eg. allergy, previous childcare, food preferences, sleep patterns, toilet training etc
  • Copy of child’s immunisations
  • Prepare a bag for your child with spare clothes named with a marker pen including coats, hat, sunscreen, drink bottle,sheet set in a pillow case etc.
  • Discuss slowly settling your child into the centre
  • Read fee policy

Do you have any further questions? Please contact the office.

We hope you and your family will find your stay at Boulevard Early Learning Centre enjoyable and rewarding.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance to you and your family.